Happy, Healthy Summer Pledge Update: We’re up and running.

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Today, Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell,  Deputy Commissioner Drew Deberry, and CAFB President & CEO, David Davenport, kicked off our Summer Nutrition Program at the Boys and Girls Club in South Austin.  As part of our pledge to make this summer a happy, healthy summer for children in Central Texas, we’re providing healthy lunches and snacks at 22 locations in Travis county, in addition to ongoing summer programs. On today’s menu, the children enjoyed turkey in pita sandwiches, fresh mandarin orange and pineapple fruit cups, cucumber slices, milk and much more as explained by 10-year-old Joseph.


Children in Texas face an uphill battle on the road to success and good health. When one in five Texas families do not have enough money to buy the food that their family needed, healthy choices are not always affordable. As blogger threeninetyeight commented on our recent experiment to understand the cost of making healthy, child friendly choices, “it’s amazing how cheap the unhealthy food is.”

Meanwhile, a record number of families continue to seek nutrition assistance through SNAP (Food Stamps), knowing that Texas is still behind on processing SNAP applications within the 30-day federal guidelines, and there are no plans to fund additional staffing needs as recommended by hunger advocates.

Even more child-friendly, healthy meals will be in reach of Central Texas children just like Joseph when you take the Happy, Healthy Summer Pledge.  Here’s how it works:

PLEDGE your support. Donate now to get us through the increased demand this summer. And donate again in July to help us meet the increased need during these months.

PARTNER with us to stay informed. Make sure you check to receive special reminders and updates about our efforts.

PASS IT ON by asking others to take the pledge.  Add a twibbon to your avatar to help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Send your friends and family a special e-card letting them know you are providing healthy meals for children in need this summer, and that they should too!

You can turn hungry holidays into happy holidays.

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Gabriella, 9, recently lost her home to a fire.  She and her dad lived in a shelter while her dad looked for a new  job and home.  She rides the bus to school every morning and says “I don’t eat breakfast because my dad doesn’t have time to make it for me.”

She likes spending the weekend with her half-sister, who is four-years-old. “This weekend we’re going to have a sleepover,” she said. Gabriella’s father, who now works at Goodwill, picks her up after Kids Cafe five days a week and brings her home to their new apartment. “Without Kids Cafe,” Gabriella said, “I would feel hungry.”

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Help turn hungry holidays into happy holidays for children just like Gabriella through these simple ways:

We need your help to make sure Central Texas families have the nourishment they need to live healthy, fulfilled lives. Thanks so much for helping turn hungry holidays into happy holidays!

Take the Pledge to End Hunger

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championprofilebadgeThank you to our friends, Tyson Foods, Hum. Minds at Work., MediaSauce and Kompolt for joining forces to help raise awareness about childhood hunger in America!

 The Pledge to End Hunger is a critical step in changing people’s thoughts about how we treat our youngest neighbors, and what social conditions are unacceptable. It takes bold leadership to create social change, and we applaud this effort to bring the hunger conversation to the social media landscape.

How it works:

One Click Feeds 140 Kids
By signing an online pledge to share the website with others, volunteer, and/or give financially, you’re helping to bring a 35 lb food donation from Tyson to CAFB. That means every person who joins the movement will help feed 140 children. With 1,000 people taking the pledge, we can make sure the Tyson semi-trailer will arrive in Austin during the SXSW ’09 interactive festival.

Join the Wall of Champions
Help promote this website so we can meet the goal of 1,000 pledges. The national co-captains are Chris Brogan and Beth Kanter. The website includes a list every individual, corporation, and non-profit helping us promote the Hunger Pledge. To become a Champion, all you need to do is:

  • Sign the Hunger Pledge
  • Write a blog post (if you have one) endorsing the Hunger Pledge 
  • Encourage others to join you 
  • The website will have a wide variety of social media sharing tools, banners, avatars, and other tools to make it easy for you to share and promote. (Note: The Twitter hashtag is #HungerPledge.)

But wait – there’s more!
If we surpass 1,000 pledges, Tyson has agreed to send up to two more truckloads of food to the states that generate the most pledges. So by helping send a semi-trailer truck to CAFB, you can send a truckload of food to another community, too.

Side Note
For more ways you can help address food insecurity in Texas children, send a letter to your Texas Legislative Representative in support of Senate Bill 944 (SB 944).

Childhood Nutrition and Hunger – Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Sixty-one percent of Austin Independent School District (AISD) students are eligible for free or reduced lunch — that’s a lot of children counting on nutritionally balanced meals outside the home and away from parent’s guidance.   And what about nutrition after the school hours? Working poor families without the means to purchase enough food may opt to have their children “feel full,” even if that means foregoing healthier choices at mealtime.

With one-in-five Texas children suffering from obesity, we’re working to educate and inform children in low-income households about their healthy eating options.

CHOICES, our nutrition education program, is funded in part by the USDA’s Food Stamp Program to help empower children and families to make smart choices at mealtime.  Our four-week children’s nutrition program, based on MyPyramid, teaches the health benefits of each food group, healthy choices among the food groups and how to classify foods into appropriate food groups.

At Apple Adventist Academy, in Austin, CHOICES students were asked why it is important to learn about nutrition. Here’s what they had to say:

“So when we grow up we can make healthy choices and so I can make something that is healthy for my own kids.” Hayley, age 9.

Hayley also says, “I think kids should walk around, exercise and run. They should eat healthy. Don’t be obese.”

“Healthy food can taste good and be good.” Hillary, age 10.

“When I eat junk food, I feel hyper.” Luis, age 7.

Get Involved:
You can get involved by becoming a CHOICES Volunteer Instructor or Assistant. Learn more.

We’ll continue to address child nutrition and hunger in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.

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