Target ‘Day of Giving’ Further Amplifies Their Impact on Hunger

May 4th, 2012 § 0 comments

From the Target Meals for Minds Program to their annual ‘Day of Giving’, Target employees have been rolling up their red sleeves to volunteer, fund programs, and act as a collaborative partner in the fight against hunger.

On Wednesday, we hosted 85 Target employees at our headquarters for their  ‘Day of Giving’ . Volunteers were busy inspecting and sorting frozen meats and other donated goods in our Product Recovery area, donating 250 hours of service.  Approximately 14,700 pounds of food was sorted. It was like getting more than six full-time employees for free for a week, but all jammed into a few hours of volunteer time.  Thank you, Target for your generous donation of service! View photos.

As a partner with Feeding America, the Meals for Minds Program provides select food banks across the nation with an opportunity to extend pantry services to children and their families in a school setting.  This innovative approach to reaching children attending schools in low-income communities has been very successful at our three host sites in Central Texas.   In addition to providing funding support, Target employees have been hands-on at each event. They volunteer to assist clients in choosing foods from the mobile pantry, serve meals, and contribute to the celebratory nature of each gathering.

For CAFB, the partnership leverages the  “Wheels of Sharing” Mobile Food Pantry and allows us to partner with schools like never before. More importantly, the families enjoy the program which helps remove the negative stigma usually associated with receiving food assistance.

Thank you, Target for making hunger relief easier and efficient for us, and a pleasure for our clients.  We couldn’t do it without your continued support.

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