Breaking News: Emergency Food Programs Expected to be Slashed. Hunger Fighters to Mobilize Tomorrow Morning.

April 16th, 2012 § 2 comments

Take Action on the 2012 Farm Bill

Take Action on the 2012 Farm Bill

The Senate Agriculture Committee is poised to release its farm bill over the next several days and we need to make sure that their bill protects and strengthens critical hunger-relief programs.  

In the middle of Central Texas’ economic growth, is the growing face of hunger and poverty and disproportionate opportunity. The Austin-American Statesman recently reported about the ‘silver tsunami’ of poor seniors in Central Texas. The Community Action Network’s 2012 Community Dashboard reveals the increasing economic divide in Austin. According to the study, the growth rate for populations living at the federal poverty threshold and low-income populations (twice the poverty level) was about twice that of the population as a whole.

In a nutshell, Austin’s rising tide is increasingly ill-equipped to lift all boats, leaving more families, children and seniors struggling and hungry.

Programs like SNAP (food stamps) and TEFAP (USDA commodities for food banks) are more important than ever and we need your help to advocate for the hungry in your community.

Now is the time to start mobilizing your family and friends to take action. Look for an email from us tomorrow, as well as updates on this blog and social media for tomorrow’s Call-In Day.

When we prioritize hunger and poverty solutions, everyone benefits.

Tomorrow, help us show Congress that hunger is unacceptable.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned.



§ 2 Responses to Breaking News: Emergency Food Programs Expected to be Slashed. Hunger Fighters to Mobilize Tomorrow Morning."

  • Brennan Newfield says:

    It’s good that the government has a program like SNAP to help people out after a disaster, but more often than not, the government is not equipped to provide adequate food and water for every person, as we saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This isn’t limited to the US, either… Did you know that after the great Kobe earthquake in Japan, the Japanese mafia was out delivering food and blankets THREE DAYS BEFORE the government did anything at all?

    The government should work to constantly improve emergency food programs, but American citizens should take it upon themselves to store food and water for their families during an emergency. There’s a good article about how to start your own food storage program very easily here. Definitely something to take a look at if you are worried about a natural disaster or social upheaval interrupting the food supply.

  • Randy Meyer says:

    Emergency situations and disasters happen all the time. If you have an emergency preparedness survival kit you can save yourself from a lot of worry and potential danger. FEMA recommends that you have an emergency kit that will last you up to 72 hours. You can of course put together a survival kit yourself or buy one online and save yourself some time and money.

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